Don’t just show your home furnishings products.

Make a connection—

with natural-lit-looking room scenes that inspire.

If you’re responsible for the marketing department at your organization, and don’t have the time or staff to accomplish everything you want to do, I can make your life easier.

That’s where I excel—working with creative directors, agency principals, and marketing VPs to expand their capacity for getting things done, whether it’s a need for a freelance photographer or turn key photography services.

Hi. I'm Aaron Dougherty.

I take photographs that create emotional connections and sell products.

With 15+ years of experience, I work with home furnishings brands in Texas (and beyond!) who want amazing marketing images and an easy, enjoyable experience.

– Who I Serve –

Home Decor – Furniture – Seasonal Decor – Floral – Interior Designers

My passion is working with wholesale and retail brands that excel in bringing beautiful home furnishings designs into the home.

I travel to my client’s studio or warehouse to create lifestyle images for a variety of their product marketing materials.

– Photography Services –

images of freelance photography services
People are looking for inspiration.

Let’s give it to them.

Contact Aaron

Aaron’s experience working with in-house studios, his ability to light and his consistent delivery of beautiful photography made him someone that we are happy to bring back whenever possible.

Danielle, Art Director
Pier 1 Imports

Aaron had the ability to make his shots take on a life that supplied beauty, warmth, elegance and overall aspiration that our customers craved.

Robert, Art Director
JCPenney Home Division