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Creating marketing images from off-site studio—while keeping decision-makers engaged and in-charge.

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Dillard’s needed a versatile photographer to create imagery content for a multitude of their marketing needs: magazine ads, catalog, online. This needed to be done remotely—from an off-site photo studio—while their Art Directors were in their Aransas home office. Communication and approvals would happen virtually. Support with pre-production and creative planning would be instrumental. Additionally, Dillard’s vendors were protective of their brand presentation; visual guidelines would need to be adhered to without hindering creativity. 


  • Brand-Aligned Creativity: Due to many of the vendors’ restrictive brand guidelines, my team came up with innovative techniques, such as a heroic angle, to show the product in unique and creative ways while still maintaining compliance and respecting each vendor’s preferences.
  • Exceptional Virtual Communication: As Dillard’s art directors were not on-site for the photo shoots, I made sure my team’s communication was clear, responsive, and collaborative, at every step. 
  • Collaboration & Choice: We presented our ideas for each photo shoot with sketches, swatches, example images, and in some cases, Pinterest boards. This shaped the creative goals for the production and made sure everyone was on the same creative page. From overall mood to small details, we ensured the client had choices and options as if they were on set picking out props themselves. 
  • Versatility: With the goal of having images that could be utilized for multiple marketing initiatives, we carefully considered cropping, size and composition with the intent of providing flexibility. 


  • The remote photo shoots were efficient, saving the client time and money.
  • Brand guidelines were adhered to while creating emotionally-connective images.
  • The client received images with the versatility they needed—making it possible to have marketing images at-the-ready as new initiatives came up.
Behind the scenes: Dillards Lifestyle Photoshoot
Aaron Dougherty

Aaron Dougherty

Hi! I am Aaron Dougherty, I take photographs that create emotional connections and sell products. With 15+ years of experience, I work with home furnishings brands in Texas (and beyond!) who want amazing marketing images and an easy, enjoyable experience.