Conquer 2020 With Photography Gear Designed for Efficiency.

For Your Home Furnishings Content Studio

In-house studios need equipment that simplifies the photography process and ensures that nothing hinders the task of crafting captivating imagery for the new product launch.

Great for decor, furniture, gift, and lighting brands. 

I detail a few of my most favorite photo studio and photo production tools that will help make each day productive, efficient and dead set on beautiful photography.

My passion is delivering captivating home furnishings photography. I provide clients an efficient photo production that delivers lifestyle imagery aimed at making an engaging connection with their target customer.

Photography Studio Equipment Guide:

Go Pro 8

Think social media content! Excellent for behind the scenes videos. Create time-lapses of your hard working and creative visual merchandising team. Loads of accessories can aid in camera placement ease.

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Arkay 6JR-6 Mono Stand Jr

Tripods are great but in a studio environment a monostand is a must for efficiency- quicker and easier to compose the image. This Arkay is my favorite, no frills just smooth up and down. Will need a camera tripod head to attach the camera.

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Arca-Swiss C1 Cube Geared Head

The Rolls Royce of three-axis panoramic heads. Swiss made means precise movements and built to last.

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Recipe for Press: Designer Edition

THE guide to get your products published in leading shelter magazine. No tricks- she starts out emphasizing how to align your offerings with a related magazine.

Amy Flurry harnesses her insider experience to give detailed insight to what editors are looking for in their editorial stories and how they want to be approached for submissions. One of my favorites to gift to interior designers clients (great photography is stressed many times!)

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The Aviary Cocktail Book

Although home furnishings photography is my 24/7 I do need constant visual inspiration and none better than a book filled with beautiful images of cocktails.

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RocknRoller Multi Cart

This foldable, compact cart is made for photographers. Add a shelf and you got yourself a capture cart to place your tethered computer and camera gear. Essential for location work, these are workhorses!

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Borrow Lenses Gift Certificate

An online rental house for all of those sexy Canon and Nikon lenses that are too expensive to justify. Rentals for cameras, lenses and lighting are inexpensive and ship to your door.

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Capture One Pro

The industry standard for capture software for an efficient photography studio. There is no other software that comes close to the function and abilities that C1P delivers.

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Pelican Case w/ TrekPak

Getting organized and staying organized pays for itself, this case does both in addition to protecting expensive equipment.

All of my gear is housed in these cases so that I can move them easily and rely on them to not be damaged once it’s time to use them. TrekPak is an easy to customize divider system that adds extra protections and organization.

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What gear helps you get the most efficiency?

I’d love to know!

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Aaron Dougherty

Hi! I am Aaron Dougherty, I take photographs that create emotional connections and sell products. With 15+ years of experience, I work with home furnishings brands in Texas (and beyond!) who want amazing marketing images and an easy, enjoyable experience.