My simple, precise process
starts with your needs.

What does your company need?
What does your customer need?

After I gather the details, you’ll know exactly what our engagement looks like, and what it will cost.

After that, I will do everything in my power to ensure you’re thrilled with our work together.

Every engagement
is custom-tailored to your needs
and clearly-defined from start to finish.

Process & Pricing

My goal is to have great clients, who value my work and who keep coming back.

I bring my very best to every engagement— and I price accordingly.

P.S. It’s worth it. (See what ongoing clients have said.)

– Process –

Lighting, Composition, Styling

As a photographer specializing in home furnishings products, I combine my distinct lighting and composition skills to engage your customers and sell products.

Approach: I draw upon my extensive visual communication experience, I work closely with the stylist, art director and product development staff to construct a scene that clearly shows the products remarkable design as well as functionality.

Utilizing the creative teams skills, I deliver:

  • Immersive images tuned to the customers desire for beautiful design
  • Consistent visual communication designed to sell product.


Great lighting should impart a mood, an emotion, a comfort. I want my lighting style to look natural and effortless, When the lighting isn’t overbearing, it allows the viewer to concentrate on the contents of the image — that is, the product.

Making the viewer comfortable starts with lighting that is pleasing, inviting and natural.
I use specialized lights and modifiers to establish a beautiful sunny style lighting. With careful light shaping I ensure the product is lit to show dominance, shape + texture and unique design details. While the styling is taking place I work to ensure rich, dynamic tonality throughout the shadow, midtone and highlight- this thoughtful light process is one way your product photography will stand apart from your competitors.


With an array of architecture-class camera lenses and equipment, I compose the scene to emphasize the product as the hero element in the image.

To achieve an immersive environment- I compose elements within the scene to create a clear foreground, midground and background, this creates an ideal composition that draws the eye into the image.


Product photography is a great tool to bridge your customer desire for beautiful design and your unique products.

Intelligent styling blends these two elements to show how your furnishings are essential to a well designed home. Drawing on current trends and research about your target client the Stylist fashions your product as the hero element in the scene, this formula conveys the aesthetics seen in leading shelter magazines.

It all starts with a (no-obligation) phone call.
How can I help?

– Fully Insured –

I maintain property and liability insurance which covers accidental damage for your property as well as my own.
Rest assured that the job will run smoothly and on budget.

Ways you can hire me

– Freelance Photography –

Need a collaborative, experienced freelance photographer to work with your in-house production team?

Hire me freelance if:

  • You have in-house production
  • You need an experienced photographer who can work collaboratively with your team
  • You want to harness the power of light to inspire your customers

I work with Texan and national clients who hire me for short or long term projects in their studio or warehouse to create content for their marketing, advertising and special projects. I am able to provide all the necessary photography equipment. I’ve been hired for months’ long 300+ page catalogs as well as single-week magazine ad shoots. I am capable of helping with aspects of pre-production planning and creative concepting to maximize the end result.


  • photography equipment
  • capture computer
  • creative concepting
  • travel throughout the US
  • creative talent roster
  • project lead re-touching

– Turn-Key Photography Services –

Need the capabilities of a full photo studio for your home furnishings brand?

To ensure the photos connect with your ideal customers, we create a custom-tailored creative plan. All elements of production are handled for you including a photo stylist and support crew, studio and photo sets. During the highly collaborative photoshoot, images are shown to your company’s representative for changes or final approval.

Comprehensive studio service includes:

  • Creative Brief
  • Storyboard
  • Creative talent
  • Support staff
  • Set design
  • Set construction
  • Set propping and set styling
  • Post production image optimization
  • Catalog layout + placement
  • Lots of collaboration!

Most of all:

  • Your products will look great.
  • You’ll get amazing imagery.
  • Your marketing will look, feel and engage better than ever.
  • Working together will be easy, collaborative and enjoyable.

Think we might be a great fit?
Let’s talk!

– Pricing –

I strive to be the best investment you’ve ever made in your brand.

Day Rates

Freelance Photographer

If you need a home furnishings photographer for the day, week or month—I normally charge via a day rate, which varies depending on duration of project.

Day rates from $900-$1800.


Project Rates

Full Production

Is your budget 10k? 20k? 50k?

Custom proposals vary on your needs, your goals and your budget. We talk about budgeting early so that I can provide my best product within a scope that suits your needs.

– Set life –

One of my biggest priorities is transparent communication.

I want to lift the veil on exactly what I do as a photographer.

The best way to do that? To show you!

– Lighting Progress –

composition setup

lighting / styling

lighting / styling

– Engaging Imagery –

– Missed Opportunity –

Inexperienced photography distracts from your brand story and doesn’t do
anything to help your company engage customers or sell products.

Perhaps you’ve been down that road before, so you already know.
Maybe that’s why you’re here?

Ready to have studio-level photography capabilities? Let’s talk.